10 Lucky Chinese New Year Foods for Lunar New Year 2023

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Gather your loved ones and set the table for the Lunar New Year feast that begins this year. Sunday, January 22nd, and the year of the rabbit. Chinese New Year, commonly known as Lunar New Year, is a 15-day public holiday widely celebrated in China, many Asian countries, and Asian communities around the world. Like many holidays, this 3,500-year-old festival of his is celebrated with a variety of foods that accompany many unique Chinese New Year traditions, including the giving of Chinese New Year gifts.

Traditional Asian dishes associated with holidays come in many shapes and flavors, and many dishes are associated with symbols, myths and superstitions and hold special meaning. Lunar New Year spreads have something for everyone: sweet and savory, crunchy and tender, meaty and vegetarian. Impress your hosts with a few of these dishes, as it is customary. So be sure to include these lucky New Year foods and a few staples in your celebrations this year.

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known as mandu in Korean, chinese dumpling in Japanese or george In Mandarin Chinese, dumplings are a versatile and delicious bite served at many Lunar New Year celebrations. Dumplings are named after money and are said to bring prosperity and good luck, so let’s eat them!

It is called “longevity noodles”, “longevity noodles”, etc. longevity mian In some parts of China, these noodles, eaten during the Lunar New Year, can be as long as two feet, fried or dipped in soup and served uncut. According to myth, the longer you eat noodles, the longer you live.

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A popular holiday Chinese snack is also called glutinous rice balls former elementary school Also Karahara, can make sweet or savory. These round, chewy rice balls can be made with sweet ingredients like black sesame seeds, peanuts, adzuki beans, rose petals and rock sugar, or savory ingredients like minced meat, crushed peanuts and mushrooms. The round shape is said to symbolize family unity.
Similar to the fried spring rolls found in Chinese cuisine, lumpia are a common Lunar New Year food served in the Philippines and Indonesia. , often containing one or more pieces of garlic, pork, shrimp, carrots, or bean sprouts, and considered lucky if eaten during the holidays.
for Seollalkorean new year, people eat TteokgukA rice cake soup made with water, beef, green onions, and eggs. Centered on a thin white disk-shaped rice cake like a coin, the soup symbolizes a blank slate that invites new beginnings and good fortune. In Korea, eating a bowl of this comforting soup is said to make you one year older, wiser and richer.
Refreshing, satisfying and iconic, tangerines are often used as gifts and treats for the Chinese New Year. Tangerines are considered lucky fruits because the word for tangerine in Cantonese is similar to the word for wealth. In addition to tangerines, oranges, pomelo, and kumquats are also common fruits that are considered lucky on holidays because of their golden color.
A common feature of many Chinese New Year menus, the fish is said to represent completeness, abundance and prosperity in the coming year, especially when served whole. and steamed black bass, and sea bass, trout, or carp simmered in a spicy chili sauce.
Sesame dumplings can be found in Chinese bakeries and restaurants all year round, but they have a special meaning during Chinese New Year. The glutinous rice ball swells outward while being fried, symbolizing the expansion of financial fortune. Order a few extra for yourself this year.

lunar new year glutinous rice cake

Sweet, supple and soft in texture, this cake is also known as older, is a popular Chinese sweet dessert eaten during Chinese New Year. Made from rice flour and brown sugar, the cake can be eaten plain, dipped in condensed milk for extra sweetness, or pan-fried to a crisp. These are available at Asian grocery stores and make great gifts.
Round and golden when baked, almond cookies are said to resemble coins and symbolize good luck and prosperity for those who eat them. Topped with a single almond that can be blanched or toasted, these cookies are easy to make and simply irresistible desserts. please!
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