Funds awarded to address lack of food access for Birmingham residents « The Official Website for the City of Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AlabamaCity of Birmingham plans to invest significant fundsdoing to support research and Resources on access to food. City was recently Win $298,736 Along United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Urban Agriculture and Innovation Production (UAIP) Competitive Grants Program. this was part of $14.2 million investment We work in 27 states to support urban agriculture and innovative production. In addition, $ 1,000,000 of the city American Recovery Planning Act (ARPA) funds was soon approved It is specified Initiatives for health foods.

“Removing barriers to access to healthy food is a priority.said Birmingham Mayor Randall L. Woodfin. “With this funding, we hope to invest in local minority food producers to bring healthy food to your table. of our inhabitants. “

  • challenge: Nearly 70% of Birmingham’s residents live in areas where high quality, affordable fresh food is not readily available. Inadequate access to healthy food Also It is a key factor in the rise in obesity and diet-related illness in Birmingham.

  • funds can help: debtunds aim help Remove barriers to food access, increase equity and build capacity through strategic investments in Birmingham’s local food system.

  • N.outside line step: Sensitive data is required for proper processing provide strategies around saucedoing food program. a series of research is done Support identity gaps and opportunities in terms of food access needs.They include needs evaluation, Feasibility study of urban farming market, When of Agricultural land suitability analysis.

once wearmed with important information, we can be strategic and thoughtful almost how To grow and improve It’s our food system,” said Mayor Woodfin. “Healthy diets lead to healthy families, healthy communities, and good health.timeyour city.

Below is the map many Birmingham grocery stores, community gardens, meat markets, food cooperatives, more:

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