Hefty Releases Snack Scarf to Help You Smuggle Food

Did you like the cookies you tried at the office Christmas party? How about your sister-in-law’s cheese biscuits? Oh, and your neighbor’s gingerbread house would be nice, too. Unfortunately, you can’t sneak them all into your pocket when you’re on the go, right? Hefty is here to save your snack-stealing day.

Hefty knows it’s party season, which often includes decadent appetizers, entrees, and desserts, so you might not want to leave it behind when you go. In, we created a snack scarf that sounds exactly like that: a scarf with a secret pocket lined with a Slider Storage Bag that allows you to easily smuggle some goodies through your door.

“We know the end of the year is the best time to party, but these gatherings are about sharing leftovers with family and friends,” said Brian Lutz, senior brand manager at Reynolds Consumer Products, in a statement. “This year, with the Hefty Snack Scarf, we wanted to help people enjoy their favorite foods at parties and at home!”

Starting today, December 21st at 10am ET, interested parties can visit HeftySnackScarf.com to purchase the limited edition scarf. Branded notebooks not only have pockets, but they can also protect people from the ‘winter’s harsh air’. that too.

Courtesy of Hefty

The Hefty Snack Scarf comes in two sizes, quart and gallon. The company says the quart scarf is great for small bites like wings and sliders, while the gallon is good for “hoarding everything from main courses to unfinished dessert trays.” Each scarf costs $2.78. Available. This happens to be the same price as the Hefty Slider Storage box in his bag. But if you want one, hurry up. Limited quantity.

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