Sprouts to open new grocery store in Bay Area food desert

Sprouts Farmers Market is opening a new store in Pittsburgh, California.

Sprouts Farmers Market is opening a new store in Pittsburgh, California.

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A new Sprout Farmers Market store is set to begin construction in Pittsburgh this spring, according to the East Bay Times. It has over a dozen locations throughout the Bay Area (although two Bay Area locations closed earlier this year, one in Fremont and one in Mountain View).
This area of ​​western Pittsburgh hasn’t had a grocery store since the food source location closed in 2019. Since then, a group of Pittsburgh residents has been lobbying for a new grocery store, launching a Facebook page called “Project Pittsburg Grocery Store.” “In its 2021 analysis, ABC7 classified most of Pittsburgh and Bay Point as food deserts, which is because at least one-third of his neighborhood residents were more than half a mile away from the nearest supermarket he was.” It means living in a place.

The new Sprouts store will be part of a 3.69-acre development called the San Marco Commercial Center on San Marco Boulevard and West Leland Road. The project also includes plans for a fast-food drive-thru restaurant, a full-service restaurant, and several retail businesses.

Wolfgang Croskey, CEO of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, told the East Bay Times: “Residents in that part of town need services and retailers that meet their needs.”
After breaking ground in the spring, the new Sprouts store is estimated to open within 18 months, so it’s likely late 2024.

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