This Is the Worst Food for Heart Health, According to Cardiologists

We all know that the heart is a vital organ, and taking care of it requires smart lifestyle choices such as exercising regularly, eating well, and developing healthy coping mechanisms for stress. (Stress can cause heart problems!).

What you eat is a major factor when it comes to heart health.

“Inappropriate dietary choices can lead to elevated blood pressure and cholesterol (particularly LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’) and even diabetes. All of these are important risk factors for heart disease and stroke.” Dr. Enrique Garcia Sayan, MD, UTHealth Houston cardiologist.

Effects of diet on heart health

When it comes to heart health, diet is important for many reasons.

One of the many causes of heart disease is diabetes. Diabetes is usually associated with an unbalanced diet, being overweight, and eating carbohydrates. Dr. Ahmed Ansari, MD, Houston’s Memorial Harman cardiologist explains. Unfortunately, diabetes is a very strong predictor of heart disease.

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