What fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Day? Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts

Drive-thru available for a variety of Christmas Eve needs. Unfortunately, parties are out of the question for you. All you really are is hungry and in a hurry. It’s a fact of life.

However, due to the holiday, many businesses are closed. Quick food and fast casual restaurants open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so you don’t have to run around looking for a meal. Many facilities have made some changes to their operating hours and other minor changes to their normal procedures. Researchers have tried to gather this information to make your day as productive as possible.

See below for a list of popular corporate plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas. If anything, you should try to be especially nice to your employees. They spend hours on holidays, which aren’t always picnics.

Which food chain will be opened?

  • Burger King: Hours vary by location, but some are available.
  • Deltakos: Taco chains open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, opening hours may vary, so check with your local Del Taco before heading out to celebrate Santa.
  • Dunkin: However, not all restaurants are open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Our mobile app provides up-to-date opening hours for stores near you.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken: All sites are closed on Christmas Day. However, they are open all Christmas Eve. However, most closed early on Christmas Eve. A spokesperson told Thrillist that the usual closing time is between 7pm and 8pm.
  • Little Caesars: Most sites open on Christmas Eve. However, it is closed on Christmas Day. However, the time zone is different for each area. These can be found on the app or on the “Pizza Pizza” franchise website.
  • McDonald’s: McDonald’s USA reports that most stores are open, although hours vary by store. You can check the opening hours of the restaurants closest to you on the website.
  • Pizza Hut: Certain stores may have reduced hours, but will remain open on Christmas Eve, a spokesperson said. However, most shops are closed on Christmas Day.
  • Popeye: Hours vary by region. So while restaurants near you may be open, you should check their hours.
  • Shake Shack: Hours vary by location. Most establishments are open on Christmas Eve, but closed on Christmas Day, according to a spokesperson. You should check the opening hours of your nearest restaurant.
  • Smash Burger: The restaurant is open until 6 PM on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day.

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