Prussner Printing Supports the Local Music, Restaurant and Food Industry with Merch

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Someone once said, “If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a single day in your life.” That is the way Max Prussner thinks about music. While leading the band Max Prussner and the Terrible Things, he found work to fulfill his musical lifestyle. It was his role as lead singer and guitarist that propelled him to his next gig operating a screen printing press. And it all happened organically.

“I just wanted to make merch for my band,” he says. “He wanted to screen-print his sleeves and t-shirts of his own,” Plsner says, taking a job at a local screen-printing shop where he worked for a year and learning how to do it himself. I have completed all the training required for That was from his 2008 to his 2009, but then the opportunity arose to tour with his band, and he used his newfound skills (and school) to pursue his dreams. graduation) has been put on hold.

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Challah sweatshirt printed by Prussner Printing for sale at Oak Bakeshop.Photo by Victoria Costello @victakesashot.

“When I got the deal, I left the area and toured with the band for two years,” he says. “I wasn’t screen printing during that time. When that band broke up, I went home and went back to school and got my art degree.”

At university, Prusner earned a degree in fine arts. His professor, Jason Chase, noticed his interest and helped direct his personal research into screen printing. “He gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted in his class instead of following the curriculum,” Plsner says. “Instead of painting or working with pastels, he plugged in screen printing and he made it easy.”

When Pulsner transitioned into professional screen printing, he acquired a manual four-station six-color press with micro-register in his basement studio at his home in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. prusner printing We were officially open for business.

Create a stencil by exposing the screen and stencil using the artwork provided by the client. “Artwork is the blackest black with the most transparency you can shoot the screen,” he says. “This will harden the photographic emulsion that coated the screen around the artwork.

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KIds T-shirt from Andrade’s Catch features a ‘Clam Fam’ design printed by Prussner Printing.

In addition to making t-shirts for his band, he started printing merchandise for the area band. It was then started by one of his bandmates, bassist Paul Kettel. PV Donuts With his wife Lori Kettel. Paul comes up with the idea to create viral and quirky donut merchandise for his shop.

“Paul said, ‘Hey, I need you to do this,'” Plsner says. And people bought his t-shirt topped with the iconic blue frosted sprinkles with the PVDonuts business name, effectively becoming his billboard walking the brand. Prior to that, it was less common for him to use the business’s logo on T-shirts and other merchandise as part of his personal style, Prusner says.

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PVDonuts T-shirts and fursuits.

Once he got his PVDonuts account, other companies wanted screen-printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, koozies, sweatpants, and even underwear with logos and brand names printed on them. He gets his t-shirts and sweatshirts wholesale, but the artwork has to be provided by the client. When a business needs design assistance, Prussner primarily entrusts the work to his two graphic designers. John Caffarellaand occasionally Harry Driscoll.

“John has been my go-to graphic designer for many years,” he says. “If it’s as simple as needing artwork sent in the right format, he does it. If the client needed design work, I sent him.”

Pulsner’s screen printing clients include: walrus and carpenter oyster, Pemaquid Mussel Farm, Prey of Andrade, Rebelle Artisan Bagels, little sister, Chirangos, small bar, oak bakeryand the bar where he also bartends, your barHe also prints for local bands, including indie rockers. Ryland Bouchard.

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Kimizuba’s tank.

you are rooting for me prusner printing Stock up on tank tops, T-shirts, and koozies printed with your logo. He is also gearing up to record an album. His personal screen printing business allows him to create his own schedule and be passionate about his first love, music.

Some weeks are busier than others. “I started booking printing jobs like a tattoo artist. I book clients every month,” he said, adding that he will be printing next month. Twenty Stories bookstore and a craft cocktail bar glow“This is how I manage my time so I can still do what I want to do.”

He hopes to expand his work to more clients, but plans to stick to supporting the local community. , and hope to continue to grow within this community.”

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