What’s new in KC food and drink this month

A selection of the city’s most interesting food and drink news.


Kansas City has another option for authentic boil-and-bake bagels. Providence Pizza has launched its own pop-up His Bagel His concept that makes “Jersey-inspired” bagels on Saturday mornings.

Luca Bagels was inspired by a family trip to Jersey, home to the mother of Providence co-owners Aaron and Luke Salvatore.

“My best memory of bagels is being in New Jersey as a kid,” says Luke. “A big, fluffy bagel filled with cream cheese.”

For Salvatores, “There’s no difference between NY and NJ bagels.”

Luke Salvatore uses a wild yeast starter with commercial yeast additions, but Luke Salvatore says he’s not against moving to completely naturally leavened bagels. Bagels he goes through a two-day fermentation process, so “you get the flavor and digestibility that comes with a long fermentation,” he says.

“We roll all our bagels by hand rather than using a machine. This makes them look better.”

Providence serves bagels at its Grandview and Westport locations Saturday morning through noon.


Limitless Brewing is Lenexa’s first brewery, tucked away in an industrial park just west of Interstate 35. With little signage and no traffic from his HVAC contractors and stadium chair makers in the neighborhood, most patrons found the microbrewery by word of mouth.

Limitless is now more recognizable with a new location at 9500 Dice Lane in Lenexa. The new location is only half a mile (800 meters) from the old location, but it’s right off 95th Street.

According to Emily Mobley, one of Limitless’s four owners, the new space is much larger, complete with a large outdoor patio. Provides the opportunity to add fermenters in the future. Limitless is also adding permanent food options in partnership with Point and Flat BBQ. Barbecue nachos on Thursdays, BBQ pizza on Fridays, and all-day BBQ on Saturdays. It’s always there, so new brews come along as you move. “The brewery rarely makes the same beer twice for her,” she says Mobley.