With Food Costs Still Growing, This Streetwear Retailer Is Helping To Feed The Country 

Food costs still skyrocket, but this streetwear retailer is helping feed the country

You’ve heard about the cost of groceries all year round. But this year’s higher food prices don’t just mean you have to adjust your budget. It can contribute to the already acute problems of food insecurity and hunger, especially for vulnerable black communities.

One retailer is trying to do something, not a grocery store.

Streetwear and sneaker company SNIPES launched “We All Eat” last month to provide fresh food and meals to residents of major U.S. cities.

The We All Eat campaign’s first initiative is a partnership with Dion’s Chicago Dream, a non-profit organization founded by South Chicago native Dion Dawson. The organization delivers his five-day supply of healthy food to 1,300 residents each week. By collaborating with SNIPES, the nonprofit aims to strengthen its activities. This two of his aims to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to his 10,000 residents in his 24 neighborhoods in Chicago every week through his February. Yes, even in severe winter storms.

SNIPES is also partnering with CookUnity, a “national gathering of chefs dedicated to sharing healthy eating beyond restaurants.” Chef Akhtar Nawab has curated meals that are delivered to homes in Newark, Atlanta and Brooklyn. To raise awareness of the program, SNIPES tapped local civic groups in each city, including Newark-based The Apostle’s House, His CHOICES in Atlanta, and YWCA Brooklyn.

SNIPES and CookUnity serve 600 meals each week. The effort he started in November and will continue for the next two months.

This is not SNIPES’ first foray into community activities. They work with local communities throughout the year, from working with Empowering Cuts, a nonprofit that provides haircuts for the homeless, to working with Clinic in Color, a platform that helps black people advocate for themselves in clinics. I have been involved in partnerships with community organizations. Pervasive medical racism.

All of these efforts are part of the retailer’s goal of not only selling the hottest streetwear, but “encouraging those who want to move the culture forward to join and make a difference.” .

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