The California Town Danish Food Fans Won’t Want To Miss

Located about 30 miles north of beautiful Santa Barbara, or 125 miles north of Los Angeles, Solvang is the self-proclaimed “American Capital of Denmark.” The town’s architecture, food and appearance have become so saturated with Danish influence that Solvang has become a major tourist destination for Danish savvy and non-Danish savvy alike. According to insiders, the city was founded in 1911 by his three Danish immigrants, and the town’s name means “sunny field” in Dutch. Solvang has windmills, horse-drawn carriages and the charm of an authentic European village, in addition to some original buildings from its early days. There are nods to the homeland in the form of hotels and inns named after famous Danish places and literary characters, as well as statues paying homage to Danish darling Hans Christian Andersen.

Remember that everyone is in California (which is easy to do here), Solvang is home to numerous wineries and tasting rooms that offer many wine varietals, including the region’s famous Pinot Noir. I have it. From his 2004 sleeper hit “Sideways,” you may recognize Santa his ines his valley his area in and around this town. The town is also home to the annual Danish Heritage Festival, popular holiday season events, outdoor activities, museums and scenic tours that take advantage of California’s eternal summer temperatures, according to the Solvang Conference & Visitors Bureau. . Solvang is certainly similar to Denmark, but don’t forget that it tastes like Denmark too.

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