This Arts District Restaurant Offers Vegan Food, Tattoos, Haircuts, and an Exclusive Motorcycle Club

Want to meet your friends but don’t know where to go? Bike Shed Moto Co. is the ultimate hangout. This Arts District restaurant and bar offers vegan food, tattoos, haircuts and a dedicated motorcycle club.

Bike Shed Moto Co. (London)

Anthony “Dutch” van Someren started Bike Shed Moto Co. as a motorcycle blog in 2011. The blog quickly gained traction, and in 2013 Dutch and his wife Vikki started a face-to-face meetup. These events quickly expanded and turned into bikeshed shows with full-scale motorcycle exhibits, live music, tattoo his artists and more.

In 2015, Dutch and Vikki opened their first physical store, Bike Shed Moto Co., in London. This place is more than just a meeting place for bikers. It’s a place for bikers and non-bikers to eat, drink, chat, play games, get haircuts, buy new gear, see sick motorcycles and local art.

As with blogs and events, the Bike Shed Moto Co. flagship store has taken off! And in 2022, the business debuted in the United States.

Inside the bike shed Moto Co. Los Angeles Bike Shed Moto Co.

Vegan menu at Bike Shed Moto Co.

Bike Shed Moto Co. opened in LA’s Arts District last spring. And it’s definitely not your typical quant hipster Los Angeles restaurant! .

Although not strictly vegan, Bike Shed Moto Co. has a separate vegan menu. In fact, both Dutch and Vicky are vegan. So they know what it takes to please the plant-based foodie.

“Our mission is to offer amazingly high quality, freshly prepared vegan food with a dedicated vegan menu, served alongside our regular omnivorous dishes. You can create a space where vegans can have fun with their non-vegan friends without having to choose a single option. and has the potential to inspire a healthier, more plant-based diet for all, and we love that this isn’t a positive business thing. [We’re] It’s known as the home of motorcycle culture for people who love motorcycles, people who love motorcycles, or just for good food and eye candy,” Dutch said.

The vegan breakfast menu includes breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and French toast. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from an extensive menu of appetizers, main dishes and desserts! VegOut favorites include Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Mushroom Asparagus Risotto, Truffle His Burger, and Vegan Apple Crumble.

Paying homage to its British roots, Bike Shed Moto Co. recently launched its famous British Sunday Roast in LA. Vegan options include roasted nuts, roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, Brussels sprouts, peas, and Yorkshire pudding.

vegan roast

vegan roast Bike Shed Moto Co.

Barber Shop, Tattoo Studio, and Retail Store

Eating and drinking aren’t the only activities you can participate in at Bike Shed Moto Co. The massive 30,000-square-foot building also houses a barber shop, tattoo studio, and retail store.

A barber shop called Parts & Labor has three professional barbers. Their products include shaves, beard trims, haircuts and styling. If you need a shape up, book online. Best of all, each barber shop customer is served a free alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

Looking for new ink? Stop by Paintshop LA, Bike Shed Moto Co.’s tattoo studio. There are several ways to get new tats. First of all, please contact us by visiting or emailing us. From there, the team will pair you with the best artist based on your desired design. But if you’re feeling more spontaneous, you can get your tattoo done on a walk-in basis.

Now that you’ve got a haircut and a tattoo, complete your look with new clothes from the Bike Shed Moto Co. retail store! Browse our wide range of trendy Bike Shed Moto Co. apparel and accessories. In addition, the shop includes clothing and motorcycle his gear from top brands such as SUPER73, Belstaff, Bremont, Indian, Royal Enfield, Ducati and more.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

retail store Bike Shed Moto Co.

LA Motorcycle Club

Finally, Bike Shed Moto Co. offers a motorcycle club in LA. If you own a bike and want to ride it and hang out with your friends, become a member! What are the benefits? First, you can participate in regularly scheduled events such as group rides and weekend camping trips. You’ll also have access to the Members’ Lounge and a hidden speakeasy inside the Bike Shed Moto Co. space. On top of that, all members receive discounts on food, drink, and retail purchases.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

event space Bike Shed Moto Co.

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