Black bear hungry for food seen roaming around Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE — Pease Road resident John Bachelder stood in front of the kitchen sink Sunday morning.

“It looked like someone was walking down the driveway,” Bahelder said.

A tree obscuring Bachelder’s view prevented him from identifying a person in motion. Upon further investigation, he quickly noticed a giant black bear heading towards his garage.

But then the bear made a sharp 90-degree turn in the direction Bahelder said had recently strewn the lawn with bird seed. After eating every bite of the bird’s seed, the bear followed its path and disappeared into the woods behind the barn in Bahelder’s backyard.
“I watched him for a while and he had a really mellow vibe,” Bahelder said. “He was just passing by and he stopped to get some bird seed on the way. I didn’t really care.”

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