Kanagawa Prefecture to showcase products at Japanese Food Fair in New York

Kanagawa Prefecture will once again participate in the 4-day Japanese Food Fair in New York City in February 2023.

There were over 36,000 visitors at the 2022 event, where 19 companies from all over the country exhibited. 64 food items were sold. Of these, 7 products were sold by 3 companies in Kanagawa Prefecture. The prefecture supported the booth operation of each company.

The first day was a huge success, with long lines forming as soon as the doors opened. Both food and beverages in Japan were well received, and consumer appetite was strong despite rising prices.

Nature Co., Ltd. (Odawara City), an exhibitor, sells jelly and pickled plums. The two types of jellies, made with yuzu and Shonan Gold from Kanagawa Prefecture, were very popular with visitors for their refreshing taste and gorgeous packaging. These two items sold out the fastest of the 64 items on display at the event.

Shonan Gold is a rare citrus grown in Kanagawa Prefecture. The fruit is a hybrid of Golden Orange and Fumiki Imamura, and it has a good balance of aroma and sweetness that makes use of the goodness of both fruits. Due to the limited harvest of Shonan Gold, it is rarely seen on the market.


Tennen Kinenzo (Kawasaki City) also exhibits and sells two types of non-alcoholic sangria. Non-alcoholic sangria is made by fermenting rice, fruits and vinegar using a unique method. It is perfect for gifts and parties, and is widely loved by people who cannot drink alcohol, such as children and pregnant women.


At next year’s event, four companies from Kanagawa Prefecture are scheduled to exhibit and sell. Bio Cosmo Ltd (Isehara City), a specialized mushroom wholesaler, is taking on the challenge of selling the unique hamburger “Kino-Burg” using mushrooms for the first time in the United States. Although it is 100% plant-based, it has a meat-like texture. Contains more than 50% domestic mushrooms.


Japanese food is becoming more popular overseas, and Kanagawa Prefecture will continue to support the overseas expansion of food companies.

Source: Kanagawa Prefecture

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