Liverpool’s “Red Neighbours” Deliver Over 1,500 Christmas Food Hampers

Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, this time of year is associated in many parts of the world with the spirit of giving and, in theory, altruism. High energy prices are exacerbating already large income inequalities in the UK, with many families struggling to make ends meet as temperatures cool, with some struggling to decide between heating and food. I have to.

To help families in need, a Liverpool FC community team called the Red Neighbors is running ‘Operation Christmas Magic’ for the third year in a row. This year, Red Neighbors worked with club sponsors such as Carlsberg, AXA and Quorn to create his 1,500 baskets of food and other goodies to feed a family of six for up to four days. The hamper was delivered to a family in the Anfield and Kirkby neighborhoods of Liverpool.

Frobes Duff, senior manager at Red Neighbors, said: Our baskets are designed to help families in need and support them with food baskets this Christmas.

Of the 1,500 roadblocks put together, 500 have been distributed through the Liverpool Mosque Network in partnership with local mosques and community groups. Obstacles are just part of Operation Christmas Magic, including a community lunch at Anfield, a celebratory food collection at Leicester City’s game on December 30, and gift donations for Radio City’s Cash for Kids Mission Christmas. , and other activities.

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