Maui food truck issued red placard due to cockroach infestation

The Maui Food Safety Branch of the State Department of Health announced today that it has posted red “closed” placards “to protect public health” on Tai Mee Up Kula 2 food trucks due to a cockroach infestation.

The food trucks are operated by Maui Mobile Food Court LLC at 28 Kiopar Place, Makawao.

According to a news release, food establishments received red placards on Thursday and must remain closed until all violations are resolved and the DOH allows food trucks to open to the public.

During routine inspections, DOH inspectors observed approximately 25 roaches in various life stages throughout the truck, including ledges above service windows, under frying pans, inside takeaway food containers, and on the floor. Observed “serious violations” included falling on a shelf wipe above the service window. Grease and food debris build up all over the truck. Leave entrance doors open without screens or other measures to prevent entry of flies and other pests. Lack of proper temperature control in the prep chiller.

Corrective actions ordered by the DOH include professional pest control treatment, deep cleaning, and screened doorways.

A follow-up examination is scheduled for Wednesday.

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