New York City restauranteur talks new solo venture that’s taking Nashville’s food scene by storm

A New York City restaurateur is expanding Nashville’s food scene with a new Italian restaurant.

Anthony Scotto is no stranger to the New York City restaurant community. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, he is best known for Fresco by Scotto. But all this time, Scott wanted to venture into new territory.

result? A new restaurant in Nashville called Luogo.

“I’ve wanted to do a solo project for years, wanting to add my own flair to food and service,” says Scotto. “Luogo is a direct reflection of me and his 40 years in business. I wanted to bring New York here and improve Italian food here in Nashville.”

Located on Nashville’s famous 12th Street South, Luogo brings Scott’s upscale, authentic Italian cuisine to the South. The menu includes a variety of Mediterranean, comfort food and Fresco fan favorites such as grilled pizza margherita, veal and chicken bolognese, and eggplant and zucchini pie.

A plate of spaghetti and clams served at Luogo, Anthony Scott’s new restaurant.Photo: Mayter Scott

“What I do is bring New York. The Italian here is pasta that’s boiled and turned over and tomato sauce on top. That’s not what I do,” Scott said. rice field. “We try to take every food and make every taste as appropriate as possible. I’ll bring you a menu of coastal cuisine that doesn’t exist.”

But why Nashville? Scott’s daughter graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, so the Scott family has been familiar with the city for some time. But with Italian food in Nashville his scene isn’t that big, Scott really saw his chances for success.

“Everything is said to be in the right mix, but Italian food is sorely needed in Nashville,” says Scotto. “People love meatballs from New York, pizza from New York, potato and zucchini chips with melted Gorgonzola his cheese.”

Luogo officially opened in late November, and despite its short opening, Luogo was already fully booked by December.

Photo: Mayter Scott

“Thank you so much. It’s been incredible. We opened during the holiday season, so it’s going to be even more special to open in December,” says Scotto. “We’re doing it right and we’re getting great responses from our customers. They’ve been so nice to us here. And really, really, everyone wants to say hello.” Everyone is excited about what we’re doing, and it’s really becoming very popular.”

As for Luogo’s future, Scott said the team is working to ensure that everyone can enjoy dining at Luogo by incorporating gluten-free items without altering the taste or appearance of the food. Scotto hopes to expand and really build the brand, but for now the team is very excited about what they’re doing in Nashville.

“We are excited to bring the concept to the region now. We are really growing the company here,” says Scotto. “We’re looking at luogo first, but we’re bringing the future here. The employees I work here with will be part of our future. We’ll see what it brings. I am very excited about it.”

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Luogo interiorPhoto: Mayter Scottthony

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