The Best NYC Restaurant Meals of 2022

Welcome to the Year in Eater 2022, Eater’s annual ritual Celebrate the past 12 months with input from the city’s top food writers and New York celebrities. Heading into the final week of 2022, Eater NY will be posting daily questions about New York City’s restaurant scene over the past year, with answers from the people who know it best (Eater’s editor and his Eater friends). I will post the answer. Now: What’s the best restaurant meal of 2022?

Scott Lynch contributor, Hell Gate and Brooklyn Magazine: Many thanks to Masalawala and Sons, Shukette, Five Acres, Musket Room, Semma, Laser Wolf and Wenwen for the incredible and delightful feasts they provided me and my loved ones. But one of the best times I’ve had anywhere to eat was at S&P, late afternoon of the first week, whimsically chatting, sharing food with fellow diners, and eating three delicious sandwiches. It may have been to replenish the energy in the room by eating knish with mustard. , and thus of this amazing city of ours. Basically, Matt Ross and Eric Finkelstein nailed it.

Nicholas Heller, New York Nico: Rakuwana on Staten Island. Ajo y Oregano from the Bronx. Ramaine in Brooklyn.

Eater Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Wu said: We had a very good meal at Oiji Mi, the new location of the Oiji team. The pork belly and oyster bossam served as part of the prix fixe menu were absolutely delicious, as was the chili lobster ramen and the bingsu dessert. Moreover, the service is impeccable and the space is great.

Food journalist Kosher Wilson: This is very difficult because the way we experience dining is highly dependent on the dining situation (Is it a solo meal at a bar? A date? A gathering of friends?). mind-blowing meals, in no particular order: Brooklyn’s Dept of Culture, Jersey City’s Razza, Musket Room, Da Toscano, Manhattan’s Corner Bar.

Carina Kaufman Gutierrez, deputy director of the Street Vendor Project, said: Mrs. Jean’s Sago Soup at Chinatown Night Market, King of Falafel and Shawarma at Astoria, Taco Dorado at Justina’s Gloria’s Buffet on 74th and 1st Avenues, Herlinda and Herlinda at Sunset Park on 4th and 58th Streets. Hilario’s ChicharrĂ³n Preparados, not a meal, but eating freshly made, crispy churros around 1pm when subway vendors start their shifts makes my day.

Christopher Robbins, Editor, Hellgate: Three relationships between a plate of Jalisco Tacos in Mott Haven, a Thanksgiving dinner at Nubiani in Koreatown, and a Friday night dinner with friends at John’s on 12th Street.

Eater NY Chief Food Critic Ryan Sutton said: It’s too hard to pick just one “best” meal, but July was a tough month with post-COVID symptoms. I remember going to his bar near the end of the month and feeling better with a nice steak and martini. Thanks again for having a great time in the city.

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet, photographer: Dined at Wo Hop with her. This place is legendary. Hot sweet and sour soup is irresistible. After eating there a few times, I became friends with the restaurant staff. A rabbit T-shirt will be released next year. I must have it

Jaeki Cho, Host, Righteous Eats: In New York, pikin is one of the most amazing meals I’ve had. Having never had Senegalese food before that experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The thiebou djeun with its jollof rice, flavored with copious amounts of seasoning and the juices from cooking the fish, tasted great. And on top of the rice they serve burnt rice from the bottom of the pot, which is crunchy and reminds me of Korean nurungji. After nibbling on some pretty hardcore scotch bonnets, it whetted my appetite even more.

Mike Diego, Writer, Bitman Projects: of Ernest. After submitting an article that took months, he spent the entire amount on a meal with his wife and mother-in-law. We ordered just about everything on the menu, plus a cider that was amazing. Open-faced Spanish tortillas with truffles and Iberian ham, foie with roasted peach and garlic were special.

Deanna Ting, New York Editor, Resy: It’s so hard to pick one best restaurant meal of 2022, but if I had to choose one in New York, it might be the one I had at the Atoboy x Kasama pop-up in September. and Filipino-American flavors and ingredients that were beautifully combined, just lovely and very personal.

Thrillist senior editor Taeyun said: I enjoyed a lot of great meals at my rookie debut this year, but after that (for too long) the dinner I had most in mind was actually Smith and Wollenski. Relying solely on heritage, this place definitely has it.

Robert Sietsema, Senior Food Critic, Eater NY: Snail fritters and chicken in foie gras blew us away at a sneaky dinner at Claude, where my friend and I sat on the narrow dining ledge by the front door. Wine list accessible by the glass.

Caroline Shin, Contributor, Eater NY: Family celebrations abound at Chilson Gardens in Auckland Gardens, and my sister revealed her gender there in the spring. My parents speak Korean with all the servers and we ordered a lot of celebratory Korean food. Both are examples of the meaningful community comforts that restaurants provide. It was packed with soup.

Sara, Madison, Carly Shapiro and Sisters Snacking: To be honest, I am really impressed with Noz 17. We had never had an omakase of that caliber and had never experienced the attention to detail of a sushi chef. Every bite was thought out with little touches to impress your guests. Our favorite bite may have been the tempura fish we enjoyed. It was simple but cooked up in a really nice way.

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