The Unusual Reason You’re Not Supposed To Eat Fried Food Before Bed

You might have special plans for this weekend, like attending a movie marathon with friends or trying fried candy bars. But before you indulge in one or three, don’t eat these chocolate treats right before bed: Takeout recently revealed what really happens during an aspiration. This is when food or a similar substance travels through the airways to the lungs instead of the stomach, according to the Office of Developmental Disabilities Administration. For more information on how to keep food from taking the wrong route, the Cleveland Clinic advises readers to avoid fatty and fried foods three hours before he goes to bed (via The Takeout). Food-producing acids rise through the esophagus during sleep and can cause suffocation.

In addition to causing other unpleasant symptoms like heartburn, the acid backing up in the throat is called GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which Healthline claims affects nearly 28% of Americans. doing. People with laryngitis or a tendency to feel like something is stuck in their throat may want to avoid eating before bed because gravity isn’t on your side. more likely to reappear. If you’re forever enjoying a pile of burgers right before bed, don’t overburden yourself. There’s actually a scientific reason why your body craves fried foods late at night.

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