UC-Davis Agrivoltaics Research and Affordable-Safe Food Act

UC-Davis Agrivoltaics Research and Affordable-Safe Food Act

This is Bob Larson from Ag Information Network. We will deliver the latest information on agribusiness.**Researchers at the University of California, Davis are studying the efficiency of an agrivolta to grow crops in the shade of solar panels.

Researchers published in the journal Earth’s Future found that certain parts of the light spectrum are good for plant growth, while others are perfect for solar power.

Their analysis suggests that solar energy is produced more efficiently in the blue part of the light spectrum, while the red part is better for plants.

**The U.S. Business Coalition Immigration Action Group applauded the Senate’s introduction of the Affordable and Safe Food Act.

This law modernizes the country’s H-2A visa program.

ABIC executive director Rebecca Shi said the bill would allow visas to work year-round in the dairy and other agricultural sectors, require electronic authentication to pay down payments for border security, and reduce farm wages. and a path to legal undocumented farmworker citizenship.

** EPA’s proposed changes to US biofuel blending mandates by 2025 will cause short-term increases in greenhouse gas emissions, but long-term reductions.

A Reuters review of the documents said the increase was due to new tiles of corn, soybeans, and other crops that release carbon from the soil.

However, the EPA predicts that these emissions will more than offset in the long term by reducing tailpipe emissions and other factors.

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