Casa Ramos brings fresh food and a family-friendly restaurant to Santa Ana’s South Main Street – Orange County Register

Rafael Ramos was never interested in the restaurant business. He was a tire and auto mechanic. But when Ramos partnered with Rodolfo Monarrez to open his Casa Ramos in Santa Ana, they had a clear mission in mind: to bring something wonderfully healthy and affordable to communities in need. was placed in

The new restaurant is located on South Main Street across from Superior Grocers, a popular grocery chain that prides itself on succeeding in areas where other chains may have failed.

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A few years ago, Ramos purchased the space where the restaurant now stands and the space next door. There was already a restaurant there, but both Ramos and Monares said it wasn’t a good place and not a good business.

“It wasn’t my plan [to start the restaurant], my plan was to repair it and rent it out,” Ramos said. However, his friends and family encouraged him to take it on and he decided to give it a try.

Ramos and Monares met around 2008, when Monares was running El Torito, and Ramos and his family would go out for brunch every Sunday. Their friendship developed over the years, and when Ramos took the plunge and opened a restaurant, he was asked to join Monares, who had managed several restaurants over the years and had extensive knowledge. Having run several IHOPs in Los Angeles, the challenge of making Casa Ramos work attracted him.

The sentiment that Casa Ramos would fail was something Monares heard over and over again.

“I’ve been listening [the restaurant] It’s not for this region,” Monares said. “Hector’s security guard said if he made it to 4th Avenue he would be successful, but the harder it got, the more he wanted to do it. People here deserve it, they said he was on 4th Avenue You don’t have to go to

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