Creamy, comforting and cheesy: Salon Food’s 10 most popular recipes of 2022

As the saying goes, food is highly subjective. But in 2022, Salon Food’s readers definitely seem to gravitate toward one particular thing. kinds of food.a dish Creamy, comfort, cheap, quick and easy It reigns supreme in our list of this year’s most popular recipes.

So we hope this roundup of the 10 most popular recipes has inspired you. “Hey, can you make this?”

Who knows, whipping up one of these recipes alone or with family, friends, or loved ones. boost your mental healthHowever, no matter how you make use of this list, I can assure you that these recipes are truly fantastic.

Some people are still intimidated by making steak at home, but it really isn’t that easy. Here, Mary Elizabeth Williams shows you exactly how and why.

Don’t go to a steakhouse and pay an unexplainable amount of money when you can buy a steak, take it home and cook it yourself. Here, Williams chooses a stovetop steak diet and offers all the tips and tricks to make sure this technique works well.

Pair this steak with the other Williams recipes on this list and before you know it, you’ll have a great meal on the table.

As columnist Maggie Hennessy points out, the dish represents a “savory simmering comfort” that is “the perfect companion for bitter winter nights.” As she states, her grandmother’s recipe she actually went “viral” in 2013, and it’s no surprise why.

The ingenuity of Hennessy’s German grandmother is evident in this quintessential comfort dish. Cabbage is stuffed with rice, beef, bacon and other fillings. The assembled leaves are gently cooked in a bubbly mixture of sauerkraut and tomato sauce. I can personally attest to this being a particularly exquisite combination.

Wondering what to make especially on cold nights? you may have just found it.

Really developed by you, this recipe is in line with the old classic tetrazini. Whether you choose chicken or turkey, parmesan or pecorino, baby veras or white buttons, this dish is a winner.

There is a certain synchronicity when it comes to recipes like this. This is made up of many different ingredients that all finally come together to create a wonderful, filling comfort food that can keep the whole family full, but still leaves a lot of leftovers. .

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This dish is definitely lighter than any other on this list, but perhaps the most coveted one?

Composed of nuts, ramen, lettuce, broccoli, sweet and sour dressing, and other welcome ingredients, this crispy, crunchy salad is the perfect amalgamation of texture, consistency, flavor, and color.Columnist Bibi Hutching Su has said her Grammy Award made this dish, which Hutchings calls “an avant-garde salad.” Hutchings says this dressing “makes a salad, but it’s strong,” so use it sparingly if you’re not a fan of more aggressively dressed salads.

Clearly, it’s been a hit in the writer’s family for over 30 years and for good reason.

As she discusses here, Mary Elizabeth Williams is not a fan of “vegetarian meat.” Also choose a whole vegetable patty.
For this recipe, Williams keeps it simple and makes sweet potatoes dressed up with just olive oil, salt, pepper, and crispy, crunchy coconut chips. It helps to make the dough thicker, richer and more velvety. think “Nothing at home” to cook.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just heat, time and a sweet potato.

Fun fact about me: I always, and forever, choose onion rings over French fries. Hot and crispy with tender rings of onion inside, this simple recipe embodies everything you love about properly made onion rings. Williams uses her pancake mix and beer to enhance the crunchiness of the rings, and adds her notes of flavors such as paprika, her chili powder, her chipotle powder, and hot sauce to your liking.

Forget about serving it as a side dish or side dish. These are too good to be relegated to side dish status.

This headline alone might get you hungry and ready for some hot potatoes. Mix in the pepper, then put it back in the potato skins (or “jacket,” as she calls it). before finishing in the oven. If you’re new to mascarpone, get ready to meet your new favorite ingredient. It’s a decadent Italian cream cheese that’s just as at home with savory dishes like this and sweet desserts like the Italian classic Tiramisu.

An incredible side dish, or conversely, a great vegetarian entree, this recipe yields arguably the best baked potato dish I’ve ever had. Super simple with minimal ingredients. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ashley Stevens’ genius combination of three unexpected ingredients makes for a wonderfully easy marinade you’ll want to make again and again. Whether grilled, roasted, sautéed, or broiled, chicken marinated in this flavor bomb is an absolute hit. As Stevens points out, “salmon, super-firm tofu, spicy Italian his sausage, and crunchy chickpeas” can all work, too.
She goes on to say that beer helps “break down tough fibers in meat and prevent dryness.” Of course, feel comfortable swapping out ingredients (or adding others) for an even more explosion of flavor and color.
This dish replaces the standard casserole noodles, egg noodles, with rigatoni and mixes it with shredded rotisserie chicken. This is a thick sauce made without “canned cream in any soup” and finished with a crunchy bread crumb topping. Casserole is many people’s automatic go-to during the colder months, and Ashley Stevens taps into its inherent caverns with this rich, heavy casserole. She also includes some frozen vegetables for color, convenience, and flavor.
winner! This savory, crispy classic garnish is welcomed by anything from lasagna to something entirely non-Italian or Italian-American, and holds the number one spot. It can be soggy, overpowering with garlic, and charred on a hard broiler, but when done right, it’s unbeatable. It enlivens the classics with unexpected elements that add bright notes.

Are you eating dairy products? Feel free to replace it with a high quality extra virgin olive oil that is fruity and slightly bitter. Don’t forget lots of chopped parsley for color and flavor. Also, let’s be honest.if you that is Dairy eaters and a host of mozzarella are always welcome too. You can also use a variety of breads for the right vehicle, such as baguettes, Italian bread, French bread, or any kind of long, crusty bread. .

Curious about secret ingredients? No spoilers here. To find it, you’ll have to read the original recipe.

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