How A Bourbon’s Proof Will Change The Type Of Food It Pairs Best With

Bourbon’s flavors are the result of aging in charred oak barrels, explains Whiskey Advocate, and understanding these flavors is essential when pairing spirits. For example, hints of vanilla and caramel are common in bourbon, so it’s surprising that ice creams and desserts featuring similar flavors have consistently proven to be enjoyable pairing options. No. But contrasting flavors can also be used effectively. Louisville-based chef Annie Petrie told Whiskey Advocate, “In contrast, it brings out the nuanced flavors of bourbon and food to create new and unexpected flavors.”

However, it’s important to point out that a bourbon’s proof, or alcohol content (ABV), plays a big role in its food compatibility. As Whiskey Advocate explains, low-alcohol bourbons (less than 46% ABV) pair well with lighter foods such as seafood and vegetables, while higher-alcohol bourbons (47% ABV and above) pair well with lighter foods. , you need heavy food that boasts big, bold flavors. For example, Bourbon and Bunter points out that higher proof bourbon pairs surprisingly well with smoked brisket.

Desserts and candies, as well as fatty foods such as ham and cheese, are usually great pairing options, according to Bourbon and Bunter, as they’re typically boosted by bourbon’s alcohol content. Generally does not pair well with bourbon. Because the alcohol supercharges the zest and heat inherent in bourbon.

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