McDonald’s Just Low-Key Became A Guest Star On ‘Emily In Paris’

The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, flaky croissants, and friends in berets sipping Kir Royale and watching Netflix, all that you see. Emily in ParisBut the constant McDonald’s cameo? Not really.

Following the season 3 premiere Emily in Paristhe show’s sporadic and overtly McDonald’s product placements have caused social media a bit of a stir.

Viewers are first introduced to the French version of the fast food chain after Emily reveals to the former fugitive Gabriel that she tried to market McDonald’s as a luxury client. She then asked if she had been to McDonald’s in Paris and she said no.

From there, they rush to the Golden Arches, where they encounter a light and airy space with French pastries in glass cases.

“This is so chic,” says Emily after walking into a McDonald’s in Paris. “No frowns, no Hamburglers. It’s still McDonald’s, but adapted to French culture.”

Mickey D inclusion Emily in Paris There are mixed opinions on social media. Some people are pissed:

But not all fans of the show Twitter user “It’s a crime for Emily in Paris to sell out to McDonald’s, not a French chain like Paul’s. But you can also get a McBaguette when you’re in Paris on Wednesday,” he declared.

another user murmured: “This McDonald’s product placement in Emily Paris is working. I’m hungry!!”

And as a delicious example of life imitating art, some McDonald’s in France actually sell the McBaguette (two hamburger patties on a baguette) mentioned in the show as part of their special offering. Emily in Paris Also included are fries, a drink and two macaroons (bien Sûr!).

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