New Jersey Food Stamps (NJ SNAP) Are Scheduled for These Dates in January

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NJ SNAP, New Jersey’s supplemental nutrition assistance program, provides food assistance to help low-income families purchase groceries. SNAP is a federal program, but is administered at the state level by the New Jersey Department of Human Services. NJ SNAP benefits follow the same monthly deposit schedule, with January payments including a 12.5% ​​Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) approved for 2023.

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According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, SNAP eligibility depends on several factors, including income, household size, and resources. You can apply for an NJ SNAP at your county department of welfare or online. Click here to check your eligibility and apply online or download the application form to apply in person.

If you are eligible for SNAP, the Department of Human Services will send you a Families First card (the New Jersey version of the EBT card).

NJ SNAP benefits come with additional perks beyond food purchases, such as discounts on certain products and services. For example, her SNAP recipient in New Jersey can sign up for an Amazon Prime EBT discounted subscription for $6.99 per month. EBT cards can also be used for free or discounted admission to hundreds of museums, aquariums and zoos nationwide. Free or low-cost landline or cell phone service is also available through the Federal Lifeline Program.

Children receiving NJ SNAP benefits may be eligible for free or reduced-price breakfasts, lunches, and snacks at school. For more information, search online for discounted or free services available to her SNAP recipients in New Jersey.

NJ SNAP benefits are shipped on the first 5 calendar days of the month based on the 7th digit of the case number. There is one exception. Warren County ships all benefits on the 1st of the month. Here is the deposit schedule for January 2023:

Case number suffix:


1 or 2

January 1

3 or 4

January 2nd

5 or 6

January 3rd

7 or 8

January 4th

9 or 0

January 5th

Families First EBT cards are accepted at most grocery stores and some participating farmers markets. Offers can also be redeemed online, please check with your local store for online availability.

Check the USDA SNAP Retailer Locator to see where you can take advantage of NJ SNAP benefits. Click “Enter the SNAP Retailer Locator” and enter your address. See here for a list of markets that accept NJ SNAP benefits. You can also use your Families First EBT card to purchase fresh produce at participating farmers markets. USDA’s Food Nutrition Service (FNS) provides a monthly list of market names and locations nationwide that are currently authorized to accept SNAP benefits.

According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, NJ SNAP benefits can be used to purchase:

  • fruits and vegetables

  • beans, fish, chicken, meat

  • rice, bread, tortillas, cereal

  • milk and cheese

  • seeds and plants that produce food

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However, there are limits to what you can buy. NJ SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, tobacco, non-food, vitamins and medicines. Additionally, while permitted in states that participate in restaurant meal programs, New Jersey prohibits the purchase of hot prepared meals and meals using SNAP benefits.

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