Philadelphia Homelessness: If Not For Grace Ministries providing food, clothing,showers for those in need in Kensington

Philadelphia (WPVI) — People in need lined up to receive food and clothing in the Kensington section of Philadelphia Wednesday morning.

Members of If Not for Grace Ministries gathered at the corner of Somerset and Kensington Avenues to support the Kensington community.

“They are loyal and devout people, and what Philadelphia needs is more people like these people,” said resident Frank Nitty.

Hot dogs were grilled and winter clothes were distributed.

“The simple fact that they are here to feed, clothe, and pray for people is a tremendous blessing. We will meet your needs,” said the resident. Glen Jones.

Outreach is faith-based.

“We try to meet them physically, with food and love, not just meeting their needs, but also spiritually. We know they need love. It’s the same people, and a lot of people ignore them…but we don’t,” said Terry Luma, director of If Not for Grace Ministries. .

Luma said the group has been releasing weekly for the past five years.

They provide homeless people in the city with personal hygiene items and may even provide showers when it’s warm enough outside.

“It’s very difficult here. Things have to get better. Things have to get better, things have to change for the better. God is great. God is always good.”

People said it was especially meaningful to receive it during the holidays.

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