12 Food and Drink Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2023

A cake with wildflowers on top

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As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, we are also ready to toast to 2023. And thinking about what the new year will bring to the food and beverage industry. Will this year be the year that kelp becomes mainstream? Will canned fish become a staple in your pantry? Will you make or eat a flower cake this year?

We asked trend forecasters in the grocery, restaurant, and hospitality industries about their food and drink predictions.

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Colorful shelled beans on green surface

Colorful shelled beans on green surface

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As Molly Yeh once told us, beans are the little black clothes of food. increase. reason? In addition to their versatility, beans are a great source of protein, and the BOSH!

You’ll also end up getting more beans and lentils. Because they’re the stars of the environment, they leave better soil than they found, and more and more people are eating with the planet in mind (more on that later).

coastal cocktails

This year’s martini was a bit dodgy (the drink’s liqueur was often infused with cold smoked fish or made with fish sauce or brine). Carbonate, which recently released its 2023 Hospitality Trends report, will see more coastal-inspired cocktails in 2023, according to af&co experts.

“Konbu can be used in the distillation process or in the infusion of homemade liqueurs for a more subtle saltiness or flavor, or dried and ground to help make flavors pop while still being decorative.” Reese Steele, Senior Strategist and Head of Insights at Carbonate.

sugar flower spring cupcakes

sugar flower spring cupcakes

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bake with wildflowers

The pandemic-spurred rise in home baking will continue, but forget about banana bread and sourdough. The site is seeing an 85%+ increase in daily searches for cupcakes, 110% increase for wildflower cupcakes and 85% increase for purple floral cakes. Want to ride this trend? Here are some ways to use edible flowers in cooking and baking.

climate forward diet

More than ever, we are paying attention to the environmental impact of our food choices.A 2022 survey by the IBM Institute found that more than half of respondents say they are more satisfied now than they were 12 months ago. It states that environmental sustainability is important. Experts at Natural Grocer’s Nutrition Education team, Thrive Market, ButcherBox, Whole Foods Market all We predict that more and more people will be eating with the climate in mind.

However, there are many ways to do so. Some of us eat more plant-based dishes, others look for regeneratively-produced foods, and we don’t know where food comes from (and how it’s made). One thing we all have to do is avoid greenwashing. Thrive Market suggests looking for accreditations like the Regenerative Organic Alliance and the Upcycled Food Association, but Whole Foods Market reminds you to do your research and take the time to read the brands’ websites. I will give it to you.

“We are thrilled to see more and more companies doing more than just putting the word ‘climate friendly’ on their packaging. They give consumers real visibility into the inner workings of their business model and how they prioritize climate-smart practices,” said Whole Foods Market’s product development team. says Rachel Bukowski, leader and member of the Trends Council. “Businesses also recognize the benefits of sharing detailed information and data with their customers by making them easily findable on their website.”

Canned shellfish-0319

Canned shellfish-0319

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canned fish

Canned fish is having a moment, thanks in large part to TikTok. It’s been called “hot girl food,” and it’s expected that more home cooks will stock canned fish in their pantries and point it out on more restaurant menus. Versatile. Stocking up on it means you can make a quick dinner on nights when it’s hard to decide what to eat.

The art of preserving fish is rooted in centuries-old traditions, but be aware that this is not your grandmother’s canned fish, nor is it just tuna. We are canning, adding new flavors and options and rethinking the process.


Kombu has been on the food trend list for the last few years. Will 2023 finally be the year it becomes a mainstay on home and restaurant menus? Steel believes more bartenders will try kelp, but demand for the ingredient still needs to be tapped: Whole Foods His Market has named kelp one of his 2023 trends. rice field. This is because we believe there is a lot of room for growth, with products in demand such as noodles, sauces and soups centering on seaweed.

There is also consideration for the environment. “Consumers are becoming more aware of the wider conversation around kombu due to the increased interest and emphasis on ocean health. It is a very interesting ingredient to discuss with chefs and nutritionists. There are many,” he says Bukowski.

nostalgic snack

Millennials continue to push the nostalgic food trend and are snacking on them this year, so expect to see healthier remakes of classic snacks from the ’80s and ’90s. Think of Blake’s Seed Based as the new Rice Crispy Treats, Hippeas Nacho Vibes, Chickpea Puffs instead of Cheez Doodles, and more.

preserved food

In the future, food may come in glass jars. In recent years, interest in food preservation has increased thanks to restaurants like TikTok and Noma. af&co. expert. and Carbonate believe 2023 will see even more interest in preserved foods, especially fermented foods.

A taste of Filipino cuisine

Ube, the beautiful purple yam that is the star of many Filipino desserts, has become super trendy in the last few years. and Carbonate believe 2023 will be the year Filipino cuisine is fully recognized and appreciated in the “mainstream” food scene. According to their data, Filipino restaurants are becoming an increasingly popular dining destination, with some being booked months in advance.

cool curiosity

The mocktail movement shows no signs of slowing down. Searches for fancy non-alcoholic drinks are up 220%, according to Pinterest Predicts 2023. Mocktail bars are up 75%. “In sync with this cool curiosity movement, we will see individuals taking breaks from alcohol, spending time socializing without drinking, or choosing alcohol-free beverages.” Natural Grocer’s nutrition education team says.

So far, the increase in non-alcoholic options has focused primarily on booze-free gin and tequila copycats.

String lights in the backyard at dinner

String lights in the backyard at dinner

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Eat at home (still!)

It was great to see the return of dinner parties, backyard barbecues and get-togethers with a bang this year. Heading into 2023, data suggests that these events will continue, albeit on a smaller scale, in part due to inflation. A typical restaurant meal costs him 3.4 times more than a grocery meal, according to a recent report by market research firm NPD.

organic pet food

Climate-friendly diets aren’t just for humans. Pet food, which is largely driven by millennials and Generation Z, is also getting an upgrade that is sustainable and better for pets. Brands such as Petaluma, Bundle x Joy and Farmer’s Dog focus on ingredients from organic farms.

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