13 of TV’s Best Food Moments From 2022

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In 2022, there was one food show that dominated the buzz. bearI was craving an Italian beef sandwich, saying “yes chef” in casual conversation. And while it may take the top spot as the best food show of the year, it’s not the only one featuring food to keep the story moving. Coming across the board on the show, each made an impact for different reasons. Here are 13 moments in 2022 that won’t stop us from thinking.

Abbot Elementary: Baltimore style pizza

Gregory hates pizza – Abbott Elementary

Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, it turns out that Gregory Eddy (Tyler James Williams) is probably the only one. tried not to admit his aversion to pizza by saying he only eats Baltimore-style pizza and likes it crunchy and extra watery.

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The Bear: Kitchen Meltdown

Kitchen Nightmare | Bears | FX

There are many moments throughout bear A movie centered around food, where the artistry of filmmaking shines through in Episode 7, “Review.” This episode provides a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to work in a restaurant (and all the anxieties there) while highlighting the arc and development of each character in the ensemble. It’s a tough job to do in a 20 minute single shot episode, but it works.

The camera never wobbles or weaves between the chefs as they prepare for service, set up the dining room, and lash out at each other. Even more anxiety-inducing than the moments of frantic action is the brief downtime between each one, when characters try and fail to take a deep breath or actually taste a delicious donut smashed to the ground.

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Bob’s Burgers: Source Side Story

Linda’s Family Story | Season 12 20 | Bob’s Burgers

Technically, Bob’s Burgers Now in its 13th season, the show remains consistently heartwarming and hilarious, with plenty of culinary delights. But last season’s “Source Side Story” stood out as a particularly food-focused tale in 2022, revealing something new about the origins of the Belcher family, especially Linda’s family connection to food. I’m here. I’m going to spend all of 2023 figuring out what’s in my secret Bolognese sauce recipe.

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The Dropout: Aojiru

Elizabeth Holmes Enjoying Green Juice – The Dropout | Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried’s Emmy win could have been based solely on how she (as Elizabeth Holmes) goes to town drinking green juice.of Drop out, a Hulu original drama based on the true story of the Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos scams, Holmes’ obsession with green juice runs parallel to her deepening voice and blackened closet. , representing the image she thinks needs to be portrayed. Although she hates her first sip, she eventually starts drinking after being constantly encouraged by her boyfriend and business partner Sunny Balwani (Naveen Andrews). Believe her lies that she likes her. Sound familiar?

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Emily in Paris: The McBaguette

Emily and Gabriel dining at McDonald’s | Emily in Paris 3×01

Emily in Paris Pure camp. The storyline hardly matters, and it’s okay if you love to hate the classic Emily.The show’s loose grip on reality is traded for a spectacle of extreme fashion and hilariously broad expression, both American and French. Emily in Paristhis might be one long McDonald’s ad.

In the episode, Emily (Lily Collins doing the best she can with the irritating character) has a meeting with McDonald’s to put together a marketing campaign for McBaggett. Emily in Paris Netflix branding is everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before state-only versions of the sandwich, including baguette bread, minced steak, salad, Emmental cheese, old-fashioned mustard, and Dijon mustard sauce, will be released.

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Fleishman is in Trouble: Beef Ramen

Fleishman Is In Trouble Official Trailer | Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan | FX

limited series fleischmann is in trouble Toby Fleischman (Jesse Eisenberg) deals with all that comes from divorcing his wife Rachel (Claire Danes) and remarrying and raising two children on her own. One time, while Rachel was speculating what her life would be like without him, he visited her empty apartment and found the beef she always hated. I found We finally get to know why all the lo mein is there in his second to last episode which is emotionally uncomfortable.

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Is It Cake?: Every Time It Is Cake?

cake? | | Official Trailer | Netflix

cake? One of the dumbest concepts to ever grace a streaming service, with the simplest yet dumbest concept, and still one of the best food competition shows of the year. No matter how much you try to pretend to be better or smarter than this show, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the moments in each episode when you see realistic creations that are actually cakes. , or slice what looks like a raw steak, revealing that the frosting and breadcrumbs inside are strangely satisfying.

cake? It’s nothing like Prestige TV. But it may have just perfected the formula for some very remarkable nonsense. .

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Ross Espuki: Tachi Cooking

Los Espookys Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO

fun and surreal comedy Ross Espooky is one of the most underrated shows, and each episode is so jam-packed with jokes that you might just blink and miss the laugh-out-laugh punch line. Some of Season 2’s best visuals and his gags revolve around Tati’s (Anafa Brega) unusual cooking skills. Her gazpacho, made from ketchup, is as hilarious as it is gag-inducing, and her way of hiding candy all over a carrot to make it look healthy is downright evocative.

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Rehearsal: Acai Bowl

Rehearsal | Official Rehearsal Trailer | HBO

if you haven’t seen it yet rehearsal, the more you don’t know to enter, the better. Nathan Fielder’s experimental, semi-realistic series takes its twists and turns in just six episodes, which rivals most acclaimed dramas. Broadly speaking, the show is based on the premise that people’s anxiety may be reduced if they can rehearse important life moments before facing the real thing. While it leads to Fielder recreating a rehearsal space based on a real-life bar and restaurant, one of his impressive feats, the series’ narrative arc continues with Fielder as an acai bowl restaurant employee. It’s time to intervene. A completely different life. Finally, you are questioning the reality you know.

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Severance: Waffle Party

severance waffle party

retirement We don’t give up on details easily. The sci-fi drama is happy to leave viewers in the dark just as Innie was out, slowly leaving a trail of earth-shattering revelations in each episode. So when the “waffle party” premise was first mentioned, it really could have been anything. ‘ has a much more ominous meaning.

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Saturday Night Live: Meatball Song

Meatballs – SNL

saturday night live Best when it’s weird. In “Meatballs” Sarah “Squirm” Sherman hides a secret from her Chris Redd. That her secret was a bunch of meatballs that happened to be tagged with her own mind out of her flesh as a tag on her skin. And when visuals just aren’t enough, these meatballs harmonize for a haunting little meatball girlfriend song. Like the masses that grow from Squirm’s limbs, its melodies are highly contagious.

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Tuca & Bertie: Salad Dessert

Bertie’s Salad Dessert

in three seasons Tuca & Bertie, Bertie (Ali Wong) spends the season trying to impress her by landing her dream job alongside her hero, chef Winter Garcia (Justina Machado). Unfortunately for Bertie, her ideas are scuttled one after another. That is, until she was eaten by a snake and could sell anything with her confidence that comes from being partially digested. The course of her career changed forever when she spouted the word “salad” at her impromptu pitch meeting, all thanks to a supercool hat-wearing snake.

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Yellowjacket: Rabbit Chili

YELLOWJACKETS Trailer (2021)

From the beginning we know something dark is going on yellow jacket—A high school soccer team crash-landed in the woods still holds many secrets about what really happened 25 years later, but Episode 1 gives us a hint of how these high school girls survived. When adult Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) kills and then dismembers a pesky rabbit in the garden, she does it with such ease that she knows this isn’t the first time. , this time when he straightly tells you that the chili tastes better because of the rabbit, and he brushes it off as a joke. Maybe these girls were trying to tell the truth all along and no one was really listening.

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