A Big Change Is Coming To The Way Fast Food Is Served In France

According to The Guardian, the French government has officially banned all disposable plates, cups and utensils in fast food restaurants. From now on, when you enjoy burgers on site, you’re eating washable, reusable serveware. Technically, you’re still allowed to wrap that burger in paper, but you can’t put it in a cardboard box.

By regulation, all restaurants with more than 20 seats must provide reusable serveware. This includes large chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks, but also applies to smaller eateries such as ’employee cafeterias’, sushi joints and bakeries.

The environmental impact of this regulation cannot be overemphasized. There are approximately 30,000 fast food restaurants in France, consuming an estimated 6 billion meals each year. It’s an unofficial industry standard at fast food restaurants to serve food in trays of paper wrappers and cardboard boxes after every meal. According to The Guardian, 55% of the total waste generated by fast food restaurants in France (about 200,000 tons per year) is eat-in single-use food.

France’s new regulations, which will come into force on January 1, 2023, are another important landmark in the green refurbishment of the global fast food industry. McDonald’s recently announced plans to install solar power at hundreds of locations. According to the Nation’s Restaurant News, its supply chain buildings will rely on renewable energy and cut nearly 190,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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