Inflation causes some families to turn to food pantry for first time

GRANBY, Connecticut (WFSB) – Inflation is affecting families across the state.

In Connecticut, it is estimated that about 500,000 residents are suffering from hunger.

Channel 3 asked families who had never relied on a food pantry before to see how they were coping with rising prices.

“It was tough. Very, very tough,” said Laurie Martin of East Windsor.

Food is a basic need, but for Laurie Martin, she needs others to feed her.

that’s what she wants to do.

In fact, she worked in the cafeteria at Simsbury Elementary School for 30 years.

“I fed them every day and had fun. It was great,” Laurie said. “I like to feed people. I had four children. I love to feed them, I just love to feed them.”

You can imagine how hard it must have been when she retired, her husband lost his job, and inflation sent food prices skyrocketing.

Raymond Martin said, “It’s hard because I’m not on full pay anymore.

“Your salary was cut, so I was struggling to pay bills and buy groceries,” Laurie added.

That’s what brought them to the Hope 4 Life Food Pantry in Granby, Life Church New England.

Reverend Al Royal showed us around.

“People can’t make ends meet. Add that to the cost of oil, electricity, and clothing. You can,” said Reverend Royal.

The Martin family had never turned to a food bank before, but they saw their daughter struggling as she used to.

“It’s been really hard and I’m really sick of having to ask family and friends for food all the time and got to the point where I needed help. I really needed food for my kids,” said Linda of Terryville. Martyn said.

That’s why they appreciate these shelves and Connecticut Foodshare for helping them stay stocked.

But nonprofits are not immune to inflation and supply chain problems.

Vinh Vuong of Connecticut Foodshare said:

Last month, they had to take $500,000 from reserves to cover year-end food purchases.

“I was overwhelmed anyway. You know how it feels to care, to try to help you, to do anything for you,” Laurie said.

Laurie is so grateful to be giving back by doing what she loves, feeding others, and volunteering in the pantry.

“And to help other people and give back to what people have done for me. People have been very kind to me throughout my life,” Laurie explained.

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