It’s Official: Louisiana leaders’ favorite food and drink

It’s Official is a series dedicated to helping Louisiana residents learn more about the elected officials who run the state.

Food is a big part of Louisiana culture, with a legacy throughout the United States. State elected officials need to get serious, whether it’s promoting Louisiana cuisine around the world or protecting the lands and waterways that make it possible.

Here are the favorite meals and drinks of Louisiana’s elected leaders who responded to our survey.


Red beans and rice were by far the most popular dishes for elected officials. Governor John Bell Edwards, Lieutenant Billy Nungesser When Insurance Commissioner Jim Donnelon All said it was their favorite Louisiana dish.Donnelon said he likes Italian beans and rice sausage.

Congressman Troy Carter When Shreveport Congressman Mike Johnson I don’t agree much politically, but like all good Louisianans, I find seafood gumbo to be the tastiest. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain He also named gumbo as his favorite Louisiana dish.

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin He was very specific about his favorite Louisiana dish. It’s shrimp and grits served by his wife Letty on Christmas morning.

Senator Bill Cassidy Don’t miss the shrimp remoulade salad, Congressman Garrett GravesMy favorite food is simple seafood, red sea bream with a little chilli lime.

Congressman Julie Letlow Always enjoy a classic Northeastern Louisiana pizza Johnny’s Pizza House. Fried oysters with brie cheese Clancy’s of New Orleans It should actually be available in more restaurants, according to Speaker Pro Tempore Tanner Magee.

Treasurer John Schroeder I like Mexican food. When asked for a Louisiana-specific answer, he said he liked “Cajun he Mexican food” best.


When he’s not drinking Coke Zero Schroeder he said he likes community coffee Iced tea.he may encounter distortion When Cassidy At its Louisiana-based store. Strain’s favorite Louisiana drink is community chicory coffee. Cassidy likes dark roast.

in the meantime, Graves Baton Rouge’s beignet specialty store “Coffee Call” is open 24 hours a day. He says to order their “unleaded” (decaffeinated) coffee or cafe au lait. letrow She didn’t specify which brand, but she enjoys sweet tea.

in the cocktail department carter We recommend the world famous Hurricane Pat O’Briens in New Orleans, and Maggie We propose the Robichaud cocktail – a mixture of Satsuma rum and ginger ale. Cinclare restaurant in Thibodaux.

Nanjesser I enjoy Bloody Marys, and Donnelon likes Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Edwards Taste classic cocktail recipes from Louisiana’s former First Gentleman, Raymond “Coach” Blanco, who died earlier this year.

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