Richmond Food News: Dec. 29, 2022-Jan. 4, 2023

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It’s been a year since we compiled the latest and greatest hotspot restaurants in the Richmond area, and the list continues to grow. Whether it’s a local concept that debuted between January 2021 and his August 2022 and quickly established itself as a regular in the rotation, a place to catch up with mates, a destination that makes us happy, this We’ve assembled a sizzling collection of 25 fine dining experiences in the region. And full. From cozy Fun Wine he bars, to business-reimagining coffee shops, to playful eateries that lead to Mexico City, these spots offer a little bit of everything. (Richmond magazine)

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After immigrating to America from Afghanistan, Abdullah Nabizalaa knew one industry: hospitality. The restaurateur, who has called New York home for nearly his 30 years, is bringing a taste of his hometown to Careytown. Ariana Kabob specializes in grilled halal meats, marinades and other traditional Afghan dishes. (Richmond magazine)

on tap

Capsoul was originally founded as a way to diversify the city’s craft beer movement, but has evolved organically and has a broader vision. The Capsoul Brewing Collective will introduce the concept in phases and begin to enter the distribution space, releasing a breakfast brown ale called Big Stacks and a Whitbier called Sprout, and opening a taproom by 2024. I am aiming for (Richmond Magazine)

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Catch up with the maximum number of clicks of the year. (Richmond magazine)

  1. Proving Richmond’s love of food, last year’s ode to our beloved restaurant earned the title of Top Stories of 2022. This list represents 50-strong places that feel familiar and just right, such as long-established establishments Edo no Ika and Furuhi no Kee. Try the casual favorites Chicken Fiesta and Four Tay Do. Whether I want to catch up with friends, hang with my honey, or establish a new order, I will visit these spots again and again.
  2. Let’s face it, Richmonder loves nostalgia. And the internet all but lost it when beloved old-time sandwich shop The Black Sheep announced its return in a pop-up format. Battleships fans demonstrated their enthusiasm as they sold out in just minutes. We keep our fingers crossed for repetition.
  3. Celebrating 35 years of voting for our readers’ favorites, the annual Best & Worst Food & Drink results caught many hungry eyes. Categories are as wide as the region, from the best Vietnamese food to the best gluten-free places to smoothies, breweries, baked goods, and more. New arrivals to the area, veteran residents looking to refresh, or those looking to expand their food horizons – this is for you.
  4. Whispers of an upcoming collaboration between ZZQ and Ardent Craft Ales in February sparked excited chatter among Smokey devotees and loyal hopheads. A natural partnership between friends and his Scott’s Addition neighbors, his Eazzy Burger is a patty-centric eatery that focuses on sustainable practices and puts a modern twist on fast food.
  5. Daniel Harthausen became a household name after winning the first season of HBO Max’s comfortable, low-competition, and camaraderie cooking show The Big Brunch. But before his on-air debut, show producer, judge, and ‘Sitt’s Creek’ star Dan Levy asked the 27-year-old chef to box up a dish made by Harthausen for later. ‘s pop-up, Young Mother had already become one of the hottest dining tickets in the city.


With the New Year just a few days away, here’s a lucky cowpea recipe that will bring you all the luck. (Richmond magazine)

Nostalgic fast-food staples with a local twist, ZZQ and Ardent Craft Ales’ Eazzy Burger offer patties and soft serve at Scott’s Addition. (Richmond magazine)

Stella Dikos, Richmond’s Greek landlady, is known for her spanakopita, warm smile, and stability at her namesake local business. (Richmond magazine)

Local bakeries offer cheesecakes of all shapes, sizes and flavors, including macaron, strawberry crunch and keto cheese. (Richmond magazine)

Not necessarily food news per se, but I thought I’d share this poem by Jillian Sole that captures tender moments in Richmond interspersed with restaurant references.

In a cryptic announcement, Hatch Local says to mark these calendars on January 30th. The evening promises special guest chefs and barbers.

The Roanoke-based Lobster Roll concept has its sights set on Richmond. This spring, the hood of his truck Salty Lobster Co. will be expanding into the area.

Blue Bee Cider is taking a break until January 31st. The winter break comes after owner girlfriend Courtney Mailey recently sold the Scott’s Addition taproom and production facility. Stay tuned for more details about Cidre’s fate.

RVA Love

The New York Times recently declared Richmond to be entering a “compelling new chapter,” noting the city’s crumbling Confederate statues, museum exhibits and, of course, its dining scene. Mama J’s, Lillie Pearl, Urban Hang Suite, Alewife, Grisette, The Roosevelt and Europa Crust garnered accolades.

upcoming events

  • Beef Wellington, The Kitchen Classroom (December 30): Learn how to make classic dishes with side dishes.
  • Mom’s Spaghetti Pop-up, Pizza Bones (Dec. 30): Oro offers a carb-centric “pasta pizza” night.
  • Happy New Year Alewife (December 30-31): Church Hill’s Seafood Restaurant is offering a $85 4-course set menu on December 30th and 31st.
  • Bubbly & Brews NYE ​​Bash, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Dec. 31): Pizza and hors d’oeuvres, live music, and a midnight toast
  • Teen Dirtbag New Year, Tabol Brewing (December 31st): TBT El Gallo joins the brewery for a nostalgic night of beer, an all-you-can-drink nacho bar, and hors d’oeuvres.

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