The Best Tacos of the Year, Explored by One of Our Food Editors

I lived in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years before moving to my mother’s hometown of Baltimore two years ago. I was a food writer, editor and recipe developer. This came primarily in the form of tacos, often sought out and consumed by the late restaurant critic Jonathan Gold. His gravestone in Hollywood Forever Cemetery is engraved with the words “Tacos Forever,” a motto many of us live by.

So the first thing I did when I came to Baltimore was look for tacos.

Not only were we hungry, we couldn’t imagine life without them. (This is no exaggeration, just ask the Angeleno kids.) Because the town has excellent taquerias and taco trucks, many of which are concentrated around Upper Fells Point, where I currently live. , did not need to reload the U-hole. Exploring with my dog ​​is my imprinting method, and in the afternoon, I find a truck for Taco Jalisco, sit on the steps of a church, and eat tacos al pastor, extra sauce, and a Gorditas paper plate. I parked at I have decided that Baltimore is just right for me.

As a further exercise in imprinting, here are six taquerias and two taco trucks within a circuit more than two miles from my stoop.

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