The Most Surprising Food News of 2022

Welcome to the Year in Eater 2022, Eater’s annual ritual Celebrate the past 12 months with input from the city’s top food writers and New York celebrities. Heading into the final week of 2022, Eater NY will be posting daily questions about New York City’s restaurant scene over the past year, with answers from the people who know it best (Eater’s editor and his Eater friends). I will post the answer. Now: What’s the most surprising or funniest news in New York this year?

Nicholas Heller, New York Nico: The beef of Keith McNally and James Corden.

Eater Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Wu said: It must be a discovery that some people order a yolk omelet.

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet, Photographer: Slutty Vegan calls you “slut” when they take orders. It was fun for me.

Caroline Shin, Contributor, Eater NY: This superhero story made me go, “What?” A dozen teens entered Amy’s Chinese Restaurant in Bayside, harassed customers, pushed the owner to the ground and fled. His wife, Cathy Lu, followed them and when they were all on the bus, stood in front of the bus and asked the driver to close the door until the police arrived. she’s so bad Especially given the ongoing violence against AAPI.

Food journalist Mahira Rivers: It’s been an eventful year for New York restaurant critics.of new york times It regained its stars after the pandemic hiatus (obviously started with the 3 stars for the Lechon food truck in the Bronx, which I’m a big fan of). All of Adam Pratt and the Rob family, New York Where Tammie Teclemariam became the new Underground Gourmet critic. Good news for fans of this column, myself included. And RIP Hungry City!

Christopher Robbins, Editor, Hellgate: We proudly present Hell Gate’s “What Was The NYC Crab Boil Boom?” By Kate Mooney. I had tons of crab joints and now they are all gone. What’s wrong?

Sara, Madison, Carly Shapiro and Sister Snacking: Grown-up bakery!! This is so crazy I can’t even post it on social media. I didn’t expect there to be many places like this.

Scott Lynch contributor, Hell Gate and Brooklyn Magazine: No one could have predicted the revival of food halls during the Great Pandemic, but there are four big openings in the fall (the best of which, Urban Hawker, is worth a look), and a giant on Pier 57. Google stuff coming soon. Runner-up: Rock Center as a dining destination.

Moonlynn Tsai, co-founder of Hearts of Dinner: When James Corden was expelled from Balthazar, it was amazing how much of a shock it made… did people care that much?

Carina Kaufman Gutierrez, deputy director of the Street Vendor Project, said: There is so much to see, hear, and experience as street vendors work 10-12 hour shifts on the streets of New York City, and the stories of how they start their businesses are both interesting and surprising. But these aren’t stories that usually make the news. The media usually focuses on the compelling forces facing vendors and the issues that absolutely need to be talked about. But the lack of humanitarian stories about the vendors continues to overshadow the incredible stories of this industry and the streets of his vendors themselves.

Food journalist Kosher Wilson: The James Corden/McNally drama was fun to watch…but not funny ‘haha’, funny ‘weird’.

Jaeki Cho, Host, Righteous Eats: LA Times We’ve heard stories of certain creators earning over $10,000 in posts featuring restaurants. Essentially branded content that isn’t clearly defined as advertising. We created a response to it because 1) we are creators of the same space and 2) how different our values ​​are when it comes to featuring small businesses. We never charge the store. In fact, you pay for every meal you pick up. Again, I don’t want to knock on people’s hustle and bustle.

Eater NY Chief Food Critic Ryan Sutton said: I’m not surprised that the James Corden Balthazar scandal has gotten so much attention, but it seems to be unfolding and it’s just wild that a week later people were still writing about it. In fact, here I am myself writing about it in a few months. Part of me thought it was an Andy Kaufman-esque stunt at first (“I actually got people to say ‘egg yolk omelet'”). new york times The interview seemed to shatter my “progressive propaganda” theory by declaring that he had done nothing wrong and saying other ridiculous things.

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