What Are the Most Common Fast Food Chains in New York State?

We try to eat healthy, but in some circumstances it can be difficult.

Due to long commutes and travel times, going to a local fast food drive-thru can be the only option for a quick meal when time is tight. Many fast food franchises continue to tinker with their menus to keep up with growing demand, giving New Yorkers quite a few options as to where to go.

But we do know that some fast food chains are more popular in some parts of the country than others. Hint, it’s not actually McDonald’s.


The website Stacker used data from Georgia Tech’s Friendly City Lab to compile a list of New York City’s most popular fast food chains. These figures were taken from information provided in 2021, so some of the details may be off a bit given how many restaurants have been in and out during COVID.

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Brand X photo

What are the most popular fast food chains in New York State?

Data is available for 49,651 restaurants in New York, 13,976 of which are chains, Stacker said.

  • 20. Moes Southwest Grill: 69
  • 19. Arbys: 76
  • 18. Papa Johns: 85
  • 17. Five Guys: 96
  • 16. Panera Bread: 121
  • 15. Kentucky Fried Chicken: 163
  • 14th place Pizza Hut: 164
  • 13. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: 182
  • 12. Chipotle Mexican Grill: 185
  • 11th Carvel Ice Cream: 199
  • 10. Tim Hortons: 228
  • 9th place Wendy’s: 229
  • 8. Taco Bell: 231
  • 7th place Domino Pizza: 236
  • 6. Baskin Robbins: 311
  • 5th Burger King: 355
  • 4. Starbucks: 462
  • 3rd place McDonald’s: 615
  • 2. Subway: 1,083
  • 1st Dunkin: 1,455

Have you seen this masked man?

People love fast food. Police say the real-life hamburger may have gotten a little too fond of it lately.

Surveillance video shows the alleged robber jumping over the counter of the fast food restaurant and taking away the stash. But police say money may not have been what he was after in the incident. Maybe this guy has never had a Happy Meal?

Suspect steals food from McDonald’s restaurant in New York

PIX 11 says a knife-wielding man entered a McDonald’s on East 170th Street on the afternoon of December 5, 2022.

Transport? Police said the hungry suspect had a 20-piece Chicken McNugget, a 6-piece Chicken McNugget, and two McDouble Cheeseburgers.

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