A Cure For Your New Year’s Day Hangover


Happy 2023 soon! You probably already set a lot of lofty goals for yourself in the form of healthy resolutions and low-calorie eating plans. If you’re heading into the new year, you probably have one thing on your mind. it’s food. Whether you’ve partyed too much or are simply hungry, these local restaurants are open and ready to refuel with hearty food.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. New leaves can be turned over on January 2nd.

Pedestrians pass by Tommy’s Joint in Van Ness. | | Nick Otto / The Standard

Tommy’s Joint


📍 1101 Geary Blvd.
☎️ (415) 949-0399
🔗 tommysjoynt.com

This 75-year-old neighborhood gem is the holy grail of comfort food. Grab a tray and feast on a variety of freshly carved meats like turkey, ham, brisket, pastrami, roast he beef and more. It can be stuffed into hot sandwiches or served on his plate with sides like mashed potatoes, pasta, and green salads. They are also known to have he one of the biggest imported beers in the city in case you want to keep the party going.

beeps burger


📍 1051 Ocean Avenue.
☎️ (415) 584-2650

Located right in Ingleside, Beep’s Burgers has been loved and respected in the Bay Area since 1962. Their selection of simple yet delicious burgers, fries and milkshakes is sure to bring you back to life.

spice jar


📍 2500 Bryant Street
☎️ (415) 829-3668

When you’re craving pho ga, Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, and steamed dumplings, this casual Mission Bistro serves Asian fusion family-style. Try Laksa, rice noodles in a coconut curry soup with shrimp, chicken, tofu and bean sprouts. The signboard menu “Spice Jar Fried Rice” and Shichimi Salmon Blue Raita and Edamame Brown Rice are also delicious.

Just For You Cafe

dog patch

📍 732 22nd St.
☎️ (415) 647-3033

Perusing the menu at this popular dogpatch cafe, it’s easy to get lost. Breakfast includes eggs and sides, pancakes, and French his toast. There are also New Orleans-themed favorites such as beignets, and Mexican-inspired dishes such as huevos rancheros. Another plus: all the bread is homemade.

taste buds

Inner Richmond

📍 600 5th Ave.
☎️ (415) 668-9298
🔗 sftastebuds.com

This family-run restaurant in the Richmond District is hard to beat. With roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, green onions, and chorizo ​​on toast, the Hangover Helper has everything you need to recover from a night out. They also offer corned beef he’s hash, fried he’s chicken, waffles, and cinnamon he’s French his toast. Feeling a little lighter? There are also fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

Vernal Heights

📍 3230 Mission Street
☎️ (415) 206-2086

If you want spaghetti and meatballs topped with parmesan cheese and parsley, this is the place. Other pastas include shrimp habaner risotto and orecchiette his Alfredo. Unless, of course, you’re trying to avoid overdosing on carbs. In that case, eat zoodles and salads. Emmys also offers plant-based meatballs for vegans on the crew.

Whether sweet, savory, or both, you can’t go wrong with Sweet Maple. | | Photo courtesy

sweet maple

Lower Pacific Heights

📍 2101 Sutter Street
☎️ (415) 655-9169

Known for its famous Millionaire Bacon, this popular brunch spot offers unique twists on classic breakfast items like the Big Hip Deep Fried French Toast and the Soufflé Egg Skillet.


upper hate

📍 1801 Haight Street
☎️ (415) 386-7670

Seafood paella, steamed mussels in saffron broth, Cajun shrimp in a spicy creamy sauce, and jerk chicken with habanero peppers – this tapas restaurant on Haight Street has been serving hungry patrons since 1984. rice field. It’s also widely known for its homemade sangria if you want to go for another round.

Whether you choose enchiladas, tacos, burritos, or El Faralito’s Suiza quesadilla, you won’t likely get a hangover. | | Paul Chin/Chronicle by Getty

El Farorito

North Beach

📍 1230 Grant Avenue.
☎️ (415) 933-7771

There is no pressure to wake up early when it comes to El Farorito. A popular taqueria that is open late. Whether you order enchiladas, tacos, burritos, or Suiza quesadilla, know that the portions are worth the money and wait.

The Old Crumb House

bay view

📍 299 Bayshore Blvd.
☎️ (415) 695-2866

Warm clam juice may not be the first thing you want to drink after a night of drinking. But sometimes you have to trust the wisdom of your seniors. The Old Clam House claims the title of San Francisco’s oldest restaurant, and that’s how they start their meal. The menu is a mix of Italian and seafood comfort food, including clam chowder, cioppino, linguine, and lasagna. For seasonal Dungeness crabs, you can also order whole crab or toss its buttery white meat over bigoli pasta.

A plate of warm pupusas from Panchitas Pupuseria. | | Michael McCaw/Chronicle by Getty

Panchita’s #2


📍 3091 16th St.
☎️ (415) 431-4232

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Pupusa is like a magic hangover cure. Located in the Mission District, this laid-back, family-run restaurant has been serving traditional Salvadoran cuisine since 1989. Vegetarian options such as beans, zucchini, basil and spinach are also available.

front porch

Vernal Heights

📍 65 29th St.
☎️ (415) 695-7800

The “stoner stack,” a biscuit sandwich with fried chicken breast, fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, and house-made sausage gravy, is one of many comfort food options on the menu at this Cajun and Southern-themed restaurant on the outskirts of Bernal. is one of Heights. You can also order dishes such as Blue Crab Etouffee, Spicy Shrimp and Grits, and Fried Pickles.



📍 3296 22nd St.
☎️ (415) 896-4611
🔗Boogalooth f.com

Boogaloos has plenty of options, but what’s great about this restaurant is that there are vegan alternatives to almost every dish. For example, the “Boogaloo Classic” features 2 eggs any style, homemade biscuits, vegetarian herb cream and scallion-crusted homemade fries, and can be ordered with a tofu scramble.

Marufuku Ramen


📍 1581 Webster St. Ste 235
☎️ (415) 872-9786

Nothing is more comfortable than a bowl of ramen. Located in the heart of Japantown, this contemporary restaurant serves ramen with umami-rich broth and perfectly textured noodles. The menu is extensive, from the signature Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen to the creamy white chicken broth ramen. Plus, you can pair it all with delicious izakaya-style appetizers and cold beer or sake.

Original Joe’s Westlake

Daly City

📍 11 Glenwood Ave, Daly City
☎️ (650) 755-7400
🔗 originaljoes.com/westlake

A trip to Daly City is worth savoring authentic Italian-American cuisine. Westlake Joe’s has been the centerpiece restaurant here since 1954, serving large portions of steaks, chops, veal, chicken and fish. Each main course is served with mashed potatoes, ravioli, spaghetti, French fries or sautéed vegetables.

cheese steak shop

Pacific Heights

📍 1716 Divisadero Street
☎️ (415) 346-3712
🔗Cheese Steak Shop.com

With “Caution: May Be Habit Forming” written on its yellow awning, the shop has prided itself on being one of San Francisco’s first authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurants since 1982 . If you prefer a traditional sandwich, order the classic cheesesteak with sirloin steak. Or top chicken with provolone cheese, grilled onions and green peppers. If you want to take it to the next level, order more ingredients than fries or choose one of our other specialty hoagie.


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