Buffalo Couple Feeds 130 Strangers During Blizzard on Christmas

  • A Buffalo couple opened the church they lived in to feed and provide shelter to dozens of strangers.
  • Al and Vivien Robinson originally planned to spend Christmas with their children.
  • Instead, the couple fed about 130 people and set up beds and mattresses to protect the local population.

A buffalo couple has been hailed as a hero for feeding more than 100 people in a snowstorm that killed at least 39 people.

Al Robinson is the pastor of the Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry in Lovejoy’s Buffalo neighborhood. He and his wife Vivian live on the church campus.

Robinson told TODAY that he and Vivian originally planned to spend the Christmas weekend with nine children who were visiting from out of town. is trapped and decides to change plans.

“Some were freezing to death,” said Robinson.

The couple used their Facebook profile and groups such as the Buffalo Blizzard Response to urge locals to seek refuge in the church.

“For those stranded in Lovejoy, we are providing shelter here at the church. We don’t want anyone frozen,” Robinson wrote on his Facebook profile, along with the church’s address and phone number. rice field.

With the food inventory they had for two weeks, they were able to feed about 130 people over the weekend.

“People were older. We had a 92-year-old who needed oxygen. We had a 9-month-old who needed formula. We do so many things and all of those needs was fulfilled,” Robinson told TODAY.

On December 29, Robinson wrote on Facebook, “I don’t want anyone to starve. God is showering my neighbors with grace.”

In a Facebook video posted on December 27, Robinson said he delivered food and formula to people who couldn’t go to church because of the cold. The couple also installed beds and mattresses in the center of the church to protect locals.TODAY.

One of the locals the couple helped, Tamethaan Bulkins, thanked the family for donating food.

“I am in tears. Breathing was easier today because I couldn’t feed myself or my kids.”

Robinson and Bulkins did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Robinson and Vivian aren’t the only good Samaritans who helped the community during a Buffalo snowstorm.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry saved the life of a disabled man when she heard him screaming for help outside his home. She and her boyfriend spent two days caring for a man identified as Joe White until he was eventually sent to the hospital.

And an unidentified Buffalo resident called “Jay” by the Cheektowaga police rescued a stranger trapped in a car.

Cheektowaga Police tweeted on Dec. 30, “He left a note apologizing for the damage and use of the snow blower he used to make way to school.” I want to thank ‘Jay’ for

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