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In a brief, non-public announcement, the FDA ultimately took a position on a potential link between grain-free pet food and cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. Based on DCM case reports received, the agency said:Not providing sufficient data to establish a causal relationship with the reported productIn other words, the FDA does not believe that grain-free pet foods cause DCM in dogs. The FDA also said it does not intend to release any further notices on this issue.Until we have new scientific information worth sharing

This brief update was not issued as a press release, as the agency has done with previous grain free pet food/DCM updates. Instead, this brief notice was simply (and silently) added to the top of the press release from three years ago. No new press releases or mainstream media coverage.

Pet owners need more information from the FDA on this issue. The issue caused panic among millions of pet owners, directly due to the FDA’s previous press release about the investigation.

Personal opinion: It’s good that the FDA has taken a stand on DCM and grain-free pet food investigations. However, pet owners and veterinarians need the full statement from the FDA issued as a new press release. It’s not a softly worded paragraph quietly added to a press release three years ago. we deserve better.

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