Hollister Fire and Police compete to raise money for Community Food Bank of San Benito – KION546

Hollister police and fire department badge battles. And who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition for a legitimate cause?

Both departments wanted to find a fun and creative way to give back to the community and came up with this!

Two police officers and two firefighters had 90 seconds to run around the grocery store, collecting as many items as possible from a list provided by San Benito’s Community Food Bank.

Hollister Police Chief Carlos Reinoso said: “We want to show that we care about our communities. We want to come together, but we are asking people to donate to food banks. We also want to challenge our community. Our community has a huge need, and together we can all help make a difference.”

“You see these things on TV all the time, so it was amazing to see them in person.

So who won this badge battle?

They collected over $400 in groceries.

Between them and the firefighters, approximately $900 worth of food has been donated to San Benito’s community food bank.

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