Kansans to see 1st drop in state food sales tax rate Jan. 1

WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – People in Kansas will see less tax every time they go to the grocery store next month.

Kansas currently has one of the highest state food sales tax rates in the nation.

Beginning January 1, 2023, the state’s food sales tax rate will be significantly reduced. Now he cuts it from 6.5% to 4%. It will drop to 2% again on 1 January 2024. Interest rates will hit zero in early 2025.

The Kansas legislature passed it earlier this year, deciding to implement gradual tax cuts signed by Gov. Laura Kelly. It followed months of debate over various proposals and timeframes for tax cuts.

This is a reduction many shoppers are happy with.

Orman Cooper said, “Hey, if you take the tax out of it, that’s great. It means we can free up the budget for a few more things to make things better.”

With inflation this year, people are forking more money to get the items they need.

Cooper has seen these price increases not just as a shopper, but as a grocery worker.

“It used to be $20, now it’s $40. It’s rough,” Cooper said.

Jamie Crandall said: “There are so many post-pandemic economic problems that uncontrollable inflation is part, and part of the post-pandemic economic problems are impacting grocery bills and supply chains. I think,” he said.

Crandall says he doesn’t mind paying the food sales tax, but he knows that for many families with high grocery bills, this reduction would be far more beneficial.

Each trip to the store shaves a few to a few bucks off the final price due to lower tax rates.

“I think it will have a big impact, especially for families with kids, as I said. so it will help me.

The reduction applies to most of the store-bought food and beverages people keep on their shelves.

of Kansas Department of Revenue lists legal exemptions for items that continue to be fully taxed. This includes alcohol, takeout meals, heated deli items, etc.

List of items eligible for tax reduction:

Governor Kerry has accelerated the reduction of the food excise tax rate, aiming to reach zero next year. This was part of a tax proposal she filed earlier this month.

Whether the topic comes up again is up to the Republican-controlled Congress. The legislator will return to Topeka next month.

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