Lawton Food Bank year in review

Lawton, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Lawton Food Bank officials are extremely pleased with the progress they have made during the 2022 season.

Support from the Lawton community helped them survive the pandemic.

“After all the various aid programs boiled down, we saw a much higher need between inflation and the reduction in aid at the food banks. ,” said Mac Lechel, Executive Director.

By implementing new features such as drive-thru and expanding pick-up times, we aim to make our services more accessible to those in need.

“We opened a new drive-thru later this year so people can walk into the new little annexe. is.”

We also launched two new programs. Produce pop-in and distribute senior boxes.

“I feel like Lawton has a very close-knit community. There are so many nonprofits in the area and we all work together to support each other. , every time you ask us a question, more and more people come to my aid. Whenever we ask for something, the need is usually met.”

In 2023, we want to find more ways to balance our growth with a more stable volunteer base and make our services more accessible.

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